Leeds Shotokan Karate
“There is no first attack in Karate” Gichin Funakoshi. 

There is more to Karate than physical techniques, at its foundation is a tradition of spiritual and physical development and as Master Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate said “the ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participation”.  Karate training builds self discipline, suppleness, co-ordination, speed of reaction, overall fitness, stamina and a sense of inner calm.  It is also highly enjoyable! 

Welcome to Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

Please feel free to browse our website.  Leeds Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), the largest Shotokan Karate organisation in Great Britain. 

Beginner's Two Week Taster Course

Includes 4 lessons for £20.00.  All levels of ability welcome - we have White Belts through to KUGB Squad Members at our club.  For more information, contact Steve Cuddy on 0777 4980097.

Special offer for students with a current NUS card ...

First lesson free, first three months £3.00 per lesson and thereafter normal price of £5.00 per lesson will apply.  All levels of ability welcome - we have White Belts through to KUGB England Squad Members at our club.

For more information, contact Steve Cuddy on 07774980097.

Grand Slam, March 2014

The first Grand Slam of the year produced some impressive performances from our club members.  Ethan Armstrong, rapidly becoming a crowd favourite, produced a series of ippons to win the Cadet category and continued this to lead the team to victory later in the day.  Ryan Tucker lost a close fought semi by a half point to finish in third place.  Mathew and James Humphries put in strong performances without reward with Mathew being a tad unlucky to be disqualified for heavy contact.   Michael Gale lost to the eventual winner in the semi after beating a much larger and more experienced fighter in the quarters with a superb mae-geri for ippon.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to find the the right "combination" of words to describe Harry Cuddy's day!

A strong start to the seas for our men - keep up the hard work.

Ethan at the Grand Slam - photo courtesy of Mark Cuddy.


Grading Results 22 March 2014

The following students attended this training and grading session in York with Sensei Gary Harford and attained the following grades:

Maura Everest-Green Passed 9th Kyu
Alex Everest-Green Passed 9th Kyu
Paul Rayman Passed 9th Kyu
Ellie Hodge  Passed 8th Kyu
Alex Wrobel Passed 8th Kyu
Megan Hodge Passed 7th Kyu
Nilar Than-Hodge Passed 5th Kyu
Joseph Carey Passed 5th Kyu
Louis Jackson Passed 3rd Kyu
Amankash Roth Passed 3rd Kyu

Congratulations to everyone!  Sensei Backhouse would like to pass on his congratulations and commend you all on the high standards that were achieved today.

England Squad Selection 2014

Congratulations to Mathew Humphries, Michael Gale, Ethan Armstrong and James Humphries all of whom travelled to Liverpool on Saturday 25 January and were successfully selected for this years England Junior squad.  Sunday 26 January saw more success for the club with Ryan Tucker and Harry Cuddy both being selected for this seasons Senior squad.  Furthermore, this weekend, Michael Gale was also selected for the England Kata Squad.  Michael is the first member of our club to on the Kata Squad so very well done Michael.

Well done lads, keep up the hard work, you are a credit to the club.