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Club Cheif Instructors

Sensei Richard Backhouse

Richard Backhouse has been studying Karate since the age of 6 years old.


Richard started his study of Karate at the British Karate Association, moving to the Northern Karate Association to study under Sensei Ray Wilson until he reached the grade of 1st Kyu. Richard then moved to the KUGB and Leeds Shotokan Karate Club where he studied under Sensei Bob Rhodes for many years. After a break from training, Richard returned to Leeds Shotokan Karate Club and studied under Sensei Randolph Williams.


Richard's approach to Karate is similar to many graduates of the LSKC displaying an equal balance of focus on Kihon, Kata and Kumite underpinned by traditional teaching methods initiated by Sensei Rhodes at the club's original Tempest Road dojo.


From an early age Richard has competed at a regional and national level and been successful in both Kata and Kumite, some of his achievements include: 


Richard Backhouse - Achievement List:

2014 KUGB Northern Regions - Male Veterans Kumite - 1st Place

2014 KUGB Northern Regions - Team Kumite - 3rd Place

2014 KUGB National Championships - Male Team Kumite - 2nd Place

2014 Northwest Open - Team Kumite - 1st Place

2006 KUGB Championships - Male Team Kumite - 3rd Place

2004 KUGB Northern Region Championships - Senior Male Individual Kumite - 3rd Place

KUGB Shotokan Cup - Junior Under 16 Kumite - 1st Place

North West Open Championships - Under 16 Kata - 1st Place (2 Years Running)

North West Open Championships - Under 16 Kumite - 1st Place (2 Years Running)

Liverpool Open Championships - Under 16 Kumite - 1st Place (2 Years Running)

KUGB National Championships - Juinor Under 21 - Kumite - 1st Place

North West Open Championships - Team Kumite -  3rd Place


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