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News - 2014:

ESKA European Championships 2014

Ryan Tucker, Harry Cuddy and Ethan Armstrong were selected to represent KUGB England at this year’s European Championships in Zurich.

Friday’s cadet competition saw Ethan Armstrong compete and although clearly disappointed with his individual performance, he recovered to lead the three-man team to a well-deserved bronze.

Sunday’s senior competition proved to be a great day for KUGB England and Ryan Tucker played a major part in this by reaching the evening’s finals in the individual kumite and team kumite.  However, Ryan Tucker was unable to continue after his semi-final, spending a couple of days in the hospital recovering from an injury sustained from an Ushiro Geri but seemed well pleased with his silver medal.  Ryan Tucker and Harry Cuddy also won silver in the men’s senior team losing to Russia in the final. 

Well done, the club is extremely proud of your achievements this year.


Northern Regional Championships: 25th October 2014

Despite only taking 8 competitors to this year’s comp, it was another successful day for the club.  The outstanding Ethan Armstrong ended a great year by winning the Under 18 Kumite.  Harry Cuddy picked up bronze in the Senior Men’s category.  Louis Jackson reached the final of Ippon Kumite winning silver. Luciano Zanuni achieved bronze in the Boys Under 16 Kumite and both Senior Men’s teams won bronze with the two-man team of Tom Rowley and Richard Backhouse doing particularly well to reach the Semis.

Sensei Richard Backhouse rolled back the years to win the Over 40’s Kumite, picking up his first individual title since he dislodged his opponents powdered wig to score Ippon back in the days when karate was known as foot boxing.

Special mention to Jemima Jackson and Xander Everest Greene for two solid debuts.

Results as followed:

Ryan Tucker, Harry Cuddy, Ethan Armstrong - 3rd Place - Senior Men's Team Kumite 

Sensei Richard Backhouse, Tom Rowley - 3rd Place - Senior Men's Team Kumite  

Ethan Armstrong - 1st Place - Under 18 Male Kumite

Sensei Richard Backhouse - 1st Place 

Louis Jackson - 2nd Place - Ippon Kumite

Harry Cuddy - 3rd Place - Senior Men's Kumite

Luciano Zanuni - 3rd Place - Boys Under 16 Kumite


The 39th KUGB Shotokan Cup: 13th September 2014

Ryan Tucker put in another sterling performance at this year's event.  With a massive turnout in all categories, any medal would have to be hard won yet Ryan comfortably reached the evening's finals, producing a great performance to win Silver.  Harry Cuddy, Ethan Armstrong and James Humphries all fell at the quarter-final stage, all with varying degrees of misfortune, mostly self-inflicted.  Stephen Riley, Nathan Brady and Jade Stapleton-Smith all fought well without progressing beyond the second round.  Finally, it was great to see Tom Rowley back on the mat after a 5-year sabbatical - welcome back mate - keep up the hard work.

Thanks to Senseis Backhouse, Tucker and Cuddy for their coaching throughout the day and a big pat on the back to every spectator who stayed to the end of the day.  Well done all! 


Leeds Shotokan Karate Club
KUGB National Youth Championships: 5th July 2014

With only four students travelling to the competition, probably due to it being “Tour de France” weekend, it could have been a long day.  However, once again Ethan Armstrong, James Humphries, Sam Jackson and Louis Jackson all performed well.

Sam Jackson narrowly lost in the quarterfinal to the eventual winner in the Boys Black Belt Kata.  James Humphries blew into the second round of Kumite before narrowly losing an epic fight. Once again, Ethan Armstrong beat a strong field in the Cadet Kumite, as a result, that in itself is impressive without the knowledge that Ethan Armstrong was carrying a broken bone in his foot and, even more amazingly, didn’t stop him trying to sweep his opponents with it!  Well done

The results as followed:

Ethan Armstrong - 15 -17yrs Male Kumite - 2nd Place


3rd Sunderland Karate Championships: 8th June 2014

A small contingent from our club made the trip up north yet still managed to continue our impressive run of bringing back a champion from the competition.  This time it was James Humphries coming back with a trophy with teammate Ethan Armstrong picking up silver in the boys U17 Kumite.  Sam and Louis Jackson, both in the same category, performed well with younger brother Louis out-gunning Sam to bring back bronze in the 10 and under Kumite.

The results as followed:

James Humphries - 15 -17yrs Male Kumite - 1st Place

Ethan Armstrong - 15 -17yrs Male Kumite - 2nd Place

Jade Stapleton Smith - 11-14 Over 5ft Boys Kumite - 3rd Place

Louis Jackson - Boys Kumite 10 and Under - 3rd Place


City of Liverpool Youth Championships: 31th May 2014

Congratulations to Amankash Roth on his maiden victory in the Ippon Kumite at the Liverpool Youth Championships this weekend.  Amankash Roth triumphed after winning several rounds in a large contingent and is a great prospect in both kata and kumite.  Sam Jackson once again impressed, picking up bronze in the Boys U12 Kumite, retiring in his semi-final after picking up a dead leg and being unable to continue.  Megan Hodge, James Humphries, Jacob Backhouse and Louis Jackson all performed well but were unable to medal.  Debutant Ellie Hodge will have hopefully gained experience from her time on the mat and take this confidence into the next competition – Welcome to the team, Ellie Hodge!

The results as followed:

Amankash Roth - 1st Place - Ippon Kumite

Sam Jackson - 3rd Place - Boys U12 Kumite


48th KUGB National Championships: 3rd May 2014

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club is proud of their outstanding performances at this years KUGB National Championships. The results are as followed:

Ryan Tucker, Harry Cuddy, Ethan Armstrong and Sensei Richard Backhouse - Male Team Kumite - 2nd Place

Matthew Humphries, Fraser Grice and Stephen Riley - Male Team Kumite - 3rd Place

Ethan Armstrong - Male Junior Kumite 1st Place - Junior Male Individual Kumite 16 and 17yrs

Charlie Cuddy - Boys Kumite 5'5" and over - 1st Place

Fraser Grice - Junior Male Kumite 18 to 20yrs - 2nd Place

James Humpries - Boys Kumite 5'5" and over - 2nd Place

Ryan Tucker - Senior Male Kumite - 3rd  Place

Well done everyone who competed.


KUGB Special Dan Course Grading Results: 27th April 2014

Excellent news to Sensei Backhouse and Sensei Martin Tucker and Ryan Tucker on achieving their 3rd Dan, they are a credit to our club. Once again well done.


Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

Kyu Grading Results: 22nd March 2014

The following students attended this training and grading session in York with Sensei Gary Harford and attained the following grades:






9th Kyu

9th Kyu

9th Kyu

8th Kyu

8th Kyu

Maura Everest-Green

Alex Everest-Green

Paul Rayman

Ellie Hodge 

Alex Wrobel

Megan Hodge

Nilar Than-Hodge

Joseph Carey

Louis Jackson

Amankash Roth

7th Kyu

5th Kyu

5th Kyu

3rd Kyu

3rd Kyu







Congratulations to everyone! Sensei Backhouse would like to pass on his congratulations and commend you all on the high standards that were achieved today.

KUGB Grand Slam News: 15th March 2014

Congratulations to the LSKC members who represented their country at KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) Grand Slam event. Some excellent results as well as fantastic performances from Harry Cuddy, Matthew Humphries and James Humphries. The results are as followed:

Ryan Tucker - 1st Place - Senior Male Team Kumite and 3rd Place - Senior Male Individual Kumite, 

Ethan Armstrong - 1st Place - Junior Male Team Kumite and 1st Place Male Junior Kumite 16-17

Michael Gale - 3rd Place - Male Junior Kumite 18-20

Well done everyone. 

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

45th Northwest Open Karate Championship - 2014 

Well Done everyone who competed at the North West Open Karate Championship:
Team Kumite: Winners (Richard Backhouse, Ethan Armstrong, Fraiser Grice and Stephen Riley) - 1st Place.
Senior Male Kata: Michael Gale - 2nd Place.
Intermediate Kumite: Ethan Armstrong - 3rd Place.

KUGB Dan Course Grading Results: 2nd February 2014

Congratulations to Oliver Diamond on gaining his 1st Dan.

KUGB - Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

KUGB England Senior Squad Selection 2014

Congratulations to Ryan Tucker and Harry Cuddy for both being selected for this years KUGB England Senior Kumite Squad. 

KUGB - Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

KUGB England Junior Squad Selection 2014

Congratulations to Mathew Humphries, Michael Gale, Ethan Armstrong and James Humphries who were successfully selected for this years KUGB England Junior Kumite Squad.  

Also big well done to Michael Gale as the first member of our club to on the KUGB England Junior Kata Squad so very well done.

Well done lads, keep up the hard work, you are a credit to the club.

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